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Located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. Stockroom Coffee Roaster is a purveyor of fine Coffee and Coffee related Products


Stockroom Coffee Roasters opened in 2017 and is located Shuwaikh industrial area. Since the beginning we have helped our clients take their coffee experience to the next level.

Our Roastery is equipped with the best in class coffee roasting and testing equipments. we pay a great attention to details, and Follow the best practice in the industry for green beans storage within our facility.



+965 99378663




Store visits is by pre-booked appointments only.

Shuwaikh industrial area 3A, (adjacent to Altmoor street). Street 75, building 182, Shop 14



Su-Th 9am–5pm


Our Services

We offer wide range of services to our Clients. Stockroom coffee is always your partner In crime!


coffee beans supply

We provide our clients with coffee beans on a regular basis and we work in a very short notice keeping you always in control.



As a client to Stockroom coffee roaster you will have access to a designated number of hours of consultation & training to ensure you serve the best coffee to your costumers

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coffee tools & equipment

We have partnered up with some of the world best supplier. We are an authorized distributor of:

ÅOOMI STUDIO, Synesso, Compak grinders, Etzinger grinder, TITVS grinding and Dt- Costumes


escape the ordinary rely on synesso


mvp hydra

The MVP Hydra provides unparalleled control throughout the espresso extraction process. Start with Synesso’s MVP technology, add a pump and motor per group and each becomes a completely independent brew system. Baristas can run varying pressures on any group, simultaneously, and without interruption. The 4 Stage Pressure Ramping provides the highest level of flexibility and engagement for your espresso recipes. Adjust and fine tune at each stage to unlock the flavors avialable in specialty coffee today.

• 2+ Year Warranty



Synesso’s MVP technology provides incomparable tools that allow baristas to manually set espresso recipes, save those parameters in seconds, and then perfectly repeat them on any group as many times as desired. Precision volumetric help to increase speed of service, while improving consistency and reducing waste. Features are easily enabled and disabled to suit any barista skill level - making the MVP an exceptional training tool. Highest quality parts, pride in workmanship.

2+ Year Warranty


s line

• New look on the outside, same high-quality Synesso components and features inside

- Shot timers, independent brew tanks, cool-touch steam wands, and hot water tap with mix valve

• Simple volumetric controls make for an approachable machine for baristas of any level

- Two user-defined programs per group

• Compact, low prole design allowing for increased customer interaction

- Optional in-counter installation for an even lower profile

• 180° swiveling steam wand actuators for right or left-handed operation

• Programmable group purge buttons

• 3-position height-adjustable drain tray

• 2+ Year Warranty


Compak Grinders

Thinking of getting a grinder for your shop espresso machine, filter coffee, manual brewing, your roastery or even for your home setup?

Compak grinders have the most diversified line of grinders to suit you needs. From espresso grinder to a large size industrial grinder... Compak got you covered.

ALL of our Compak grinders is backed with with 12 Months factory warranty.


F10 Conic OD

The F10 has a 68 mm conical burrs, electronic fan and & universal adjustable height porta-filter holder. It also has a digital display with 3 Modes,  Protection menu access by password & notice of change of Burrs .


The E8 OD has a flat Ø 83 mm burrs and comes in compact package. Just like the F10 it also features a digital display with similer functions.


All Compak grinders have a customization options where you can add your logo to either the hopper or back of the grinder body. you can also Choose any RAL coulour for your grinder.



Maximum Work Flow. precision in mind.

TITVS offer a costume made tools to those who really appreciate coffee.

  • EK43 Dosing tool (with or without RDT).
  • EK43 Porta-filter holder.
  • Burrs alignment tool for EK43 & K30.
  • stainless steel ek43 knob.

TITVS grinding also has a limited edition grinder that is made from the world best metals and made to order



CONSULTATION & supervision

Stockroom Coffee works closely with clients and provides unmatched consultation services to coffee-shops and restaurants. Below are our latest projects

Q Coffee Bar

Q Coffee Bar

Queens RESTAURANT & Q coffee bar

Queens is a an uplift casual american dining restaurant with a twist. Located in phase 4 at the avenues, Its a 200 m^2 + shop with specialty coffee bar. Stockroom Coffee worked closely with the Orion Holding Kuwait to produce such an amazing project.

Status: Operating

Koob Branding

Koob Branding

Koob COffee

Our very first client in KSA. Koob is about to change the way you looked at coffee. from contemporary decor to fine coffee, Koob will become a caffeine destination in the city of Al-Khobar

Status: Brewing soon


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