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Ethiopia Guji Hambela Espresso

Ethiopia Guji Hambela Espresso

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Ethiopia Guji Hambela

is part of our Zero Defect Series, We Have worked closely with the washing station to collect fully ripped Coffee Cherries with a specific screen size (14-15) and naturally process them on an Africans bed. The defects are carefully removed by hand to ensure we are not getting any masks in the taste notes. This is Truly one of the best Hambela you will ever try.

Roast:  Espresso 
Process: Natural
Variety: Ethiopia Heirlooms
Region: Oromia
Altitude: 1850-2000 masl
Taste Notes: Brown sugar, Floral, Cloves, Red Apple

الحمص: اسبرسو
المعالجة: جافة
 السلالة:  اثيوبيا هيرلبم
الإرتفاع: 1850 - 2000 متر فوق سطح البحر
الإيحائات: سكر بني، زهور ، مسمار ، تفاح احمر




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